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Third Man Records: Your Turntable is not dead!
Third Man Records

Drakkar Sauna

drakkar sauna

Drakkar Sauna have released five full length records.  Beginning with the Fugs-inspired diptychrover (2004) and drakkansasauna (2005), to their most recent: the Astronaut and alchemy concept album 20009 (2009) they have developed a musical abandon and lyrical facility admired in the oddest corners of our polyhedron.  Songwriter Wallace Cochran is the author of the novel The Moon For Its Citizens (2009) and the director of the pictureThe Blood Feud (2003) in which multi-instrumentalist Jeff Stolz had a featured role and composed much of the score.  For their Blue 45 Drakkar Sauna perform the original compositions Leave That Hole Alone which questions the existence of anything beyond the self, even the suffering of saints; and Brundlefly, My Chariot which drinks deep, so as to taste of the plasma spring.  They are joined on this recording by frequent collaborator Jason Groth of the Bloomington, IN bands The Coke Dares and Magnolia Electric Co.  Cochran and Stolz live and work in Lawrence, KS.

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