• Rolling Record Store in Chicago this Weekend

    The Rolling Record Store will be chooglin' up to the Windy City this weekend. Music fans traveling to Chicago for the Pitchfork Music Festival will find us parked Friday and Saturday (July 19, 20) at Reckless Records in Wicker Park from 10-5 toting TMR goodies, Rolling Record Store exclusive merch and a handful of covetable limited edition pressings. On Friday, we will be stocked with 25 Rufus Thomas Sun-Ray™ Sun Records reissues ($30), 15 Hell Beach Live 7" Black and Blues ($15), and 15 People's Temple Live 7" Black and Blues $15). On Saturday, we will have 50 of each Document Volume 2 colored vinyl record ($30). Looking forward to seeing you all on the shores of Lake Michigan!

  • Light and Sound Machine Presents... ICE, A Robert Kramer Film

    ICE directed by Robert Kramer, USA, 1970, presented on 16mm film

    Guerrilla filmmaking in every sense, Kramer’s independent/underground, cinéma-vérité/science-fiction boundary-crosser used a budget of only $12,000 to produce an ambitious imagining of America in the throes of armed insurrection. The story is set in a vaguely defined future (which, à la Godard’s ALPHVILLE, looks just like the present) in which an unpopular U.S. war in Mexico provokes a left-wing uprising. Concerned with the nuts-and-bolts of revolutionary action and the debilitating effects of infighting among radical groups, ICE is in many ways the fictional equivalent of Chris Marker’s A GRIN WITHOUT A CAT. 16mm. (MR)

    Purchase tickets here.

  • Jay Z's Magna Carta... Holy Grail

    Third Man Records is pleased to confirm their involvement in the vinyl release of JAY Z's long-anticipated new album, Magna Carta… Holy Grail.

    While the album was released in standard formats this week, Third Man has something very special planned for the vinyl edition which will be made available for purchase in the coming weeks.

    Additionally, we can confirm the song "Open Letter" will be featured as a vinyl exclusive, but stay tuned here for more info coming soon.

  • Detroit Rock City

    Wednesday July 17th Third Man Records will present a panel discussion focused on Detroit and the rock music that's come from the city from the past five decades. The first event of its kind at Third Man, it centers on the new book by Steve Miller titled Detroit Rock City an exhaustive oral history of the past fifty years of rock and roll in the Motor City. Panelists include...

    STEVE MILLER - noted true crime journalist and editor of the recent Touch and Go: The Complete Hardcore Punk ZIne '79-'83 and lead singer of early hardcore exemplars the Fix

    SCOTT RICHARDSON - lead singer and namesake of legendary Detroit band SRC

    JERRY VILE - lead singer of cartoon punk band the Boners and editor of a slew of Detroit-area 'zines and proper publications like White Noise, Fun, and Orbit

    BEN BLACKWELL - drummer for the Dirtbombs, head vinyl guy at Third Man Records, official White Stripes archivist

    In addition to the discussion, there will also be a Q&A session as well as the sharing of impossibly-rare and previously unknown audio recordings and film footage from some of the most-loved and well-known bands discussed in the book. While we can't divulge exactly what we'll be sharing, we will have the strictest enforcement of our no photos/videos/recording policy to date.

    Tickets ($5) are available at the door beginning at 6pm the night of the discussion, or online in advance HERE.

  • Pokey LaFarge on the Late Show with David Letterman

    One week from today, Pokey LaFarge will be appearing as the musical guest on The Late Show with David Letterman! We hope those of you in the states can tune in to CBS on Tuesday, July 16th to watch Pokey and the gang's first gig on American late night television.

    Also, if you haven't checked out Pokey's collaboration on "Good Old Oklahoma" with JD McPherson for tornado relief efforts, do so here.

  • Vault Platinum Package #17

    V A U L T  P L A T I N U M  P A C K A G E  # 1 7

    And now to the announcement of the latest Vault Platinum Package… lucky number 17. With all of the blood, sweat and tears that has gone on behind the scenes here to build the new Vault service it quickly became apparent to us there could only be one package that would be worthy of our inaugural offering under the new Vault banner.

    One of the highlights of our year (so far) has been the esteemed honor of hosting country music legend Willie Nelson here at Third Man to celebrate his 80th birthday. On April 18th of this year Willie played a concert with some guest musicians, among them real life legacy artists, but also importantly, some handpicked sidemen from the house of Third Man. This special performance for CMTs prestigious Crossroads TV show was all caught and camera and broadcast. Behind the scenes, we were rolling tape on that historic show (as is Third Man's way) and every song (even those non-broadcast) was captured on beautiful, warm-sounding analog tape by our crack team of engineers. It was in many respects a perfect evening.

    We are very proud to present one of the most heartwarming, intimate, and downright legendary shows we've ever had the pleasure of hosting within our walls. Ladies and Gentleman a big thank you to Mr. Willie Nelson and all of the amazing artists involved for the opportunity for us to present to you… The Vault Platinum Package #17.

    Vault 16


    This is a beautifully-packaged, 3-sided double LP with a gatefold sleeve of the Willie Nelson & Friends concert, with performances as of yet unreleased and unheard! Featuring Willie Nelson, Jack White, Neil Young, Leon Russell, Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow and Ashley Monroe pressed on Smokey Grey and Bio-Diesel Green Vinyl with an etched graphic of Willie's guitar "Trigger" on the D-Side this is an outstanding LP visually and audibly for casual fans and collectors alike!

    "Roll Me Up" 
    "Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground" - with Ashley Monroe (Unreleased)
    "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain" - with Ashley Monroe
    "Funny How Time Slips Away" - with Norah Jones
    "I Gotta Get Drunk" - with Norah Jones (Unreleased)
    "Sail Away" - with Neil Young (Unreleased)
    "Long May You Run" - with Neil Young
    "Far Away Places" - with Sheryl Crow
    "Whiskey River" - with Neil Young, Ashley Monroe, Sheryl Crow, Norah Jones, Jamey Johnson
    "A Song For You" - with Leon Russell
    "Heartbreak Hotel" - with Leon Russell (Unreleased)
    "Red Headed Stranger" (Broadcast Version) - with Jack White

    The second item in this stellar package is Third Man's first-ever 6" record, pressed on transparent yellow vinyl, with an etched b-side and housed in a 6" die-cut sleeve. The A-side captures one of those near mythological musical moments , something that could only happen here at Third Man, of Jack White and Willie Nelson dueting together on "Red Headed Stranger" in Third Man's Voice-O-Graph Recording Booth. This is a version not shown on television and was recorded live in the TMR Recording Booth.

    Behold the double sided, foldout, metallic printed poster on special heavy stock paper… One side features Willie Nelson in the TMR Recording Booth and the flip is an all new Metallic Platinum Vault Design. Double the bang for your buck!


    Lastly, we will be doing something special to thank our returning Vault members and welcome our new ones. With this Vault Package 17 only, members will receive a membership kit at no additional charge to their Platinum service!

    New Vault Wardenclyffe Tower design sticker in metallic print.

    This is a super stylish enamel lapel pin, it's 2 colored, key shaped and it rules the school.

    A really cool double sided silver print die cut DIY paper model kit that when assembled sits on top of your turntable and spins with your record. Looks great in action or sitting on your shelf!


    The sign up deadline to receive Vault Package #17 is July 31st.