I Want to have a copy of everything Third Man releases...

I'll Stop you right there holmes. If you are one of those nuts (and believe me, we at Third Man are all those nuts too) who pays attention to every little detail of every record that you ever buy and keep a mental checklist of catalog numbers, then you have to subscribe to this club. Our numbering system will be inclusive of each of these vault releases. You no subscribe to the vault. You no have the complete run of Third Man product.

Can you make such and such show from such and such date that was such and such degrees of awesome - available in the vault?

If you knew what we had laying around here, you'd crap your pants. Our goal is to keep the vault fresh with new content enough so that your pants are always full of crap. that being said, we're not taking suggestions just yet. Let us wow you like it's a first date.

How does the platinum service work?

At the end of each registration period we will tabulate the amount of subscribers and press up the exact amount we need to fill orders. When all vinyl production is complete, we will send out your package directly to you.
Vault shipping will take place 6-8 weeks following the registration deadline. .


$20 a month for three months?

That's $60! Don't you guys know we're in a recession? Why should I spend my hard-earned money with you?

Good question. In 2001, The White Stripes were featured in the Sub Pop Singles club. It was a subscription-only service where the lucky subscribers received a 7" every month for a very reasonable price. A six month subscription in 2001 would have cost you $35. The White Stripes' Sub Pop single on Sub Pop now consistently sells for $250 on reputable online auction sites.

We hope you want to subscribe to our service because you're a die-hard fan of the music coming out of Third Man. Even if you are not, it would at least be an investment plan far more reliable than Wall Street.

When Will I Receive my Merchandise?

Taking in to account the nature with which we are ordering amounts based on strict subscriber numbers, with no overage, or extra stock, your pieces of vinyl are more exclusive and personal to you.

What If I Missed The Platinum Service Deadline, Can I Still Register?

We have to be strict on the deadline for the platinum service so we can get everybody's records to them in a timely manner. For example, if you missed the deadline of October 31st then you'll have to wait until the next registration period beginning January 1st for the next set of Third Man goodies. However the premium subscription is available at all times.

I've noticed that occasionally there is more content for some bands and less for others. Why?

Bands that are currently more active will be able to provide us with more original content. So there may be some fluctuation in new content for each band. We will work tirelessly to constantly provide you with new exclusive content for every Third Man artist.

I Paid My $7 And I'm Not Happy. Where Do I Get My Refund?

No Can Do. You see what happened was we went to Vegas...

I Paid my $20 Subscription Fee and I'm Not Happy. Where Do I Get My Refund?

Sell your wares on Ebay and everything over your original subscription fee please feel free to send back to us.

Why Wasn’t I Informed That My Account Was Activated/Deactivated?

Vault/Modlife will always send an email to notify our members of a cancelled account. However, on some servers, Vault emails are sorted as spam. Be sure to check your spam folder when activating an account and terminating an account.

To re-subscribe, simply login to your account and click on MY ACCOUNT – MY SUBSCRIPTIONS

Why did I not receive the 7-inch and other Vault novelty in my package?

7”s and most Vault novelties will be sealed inside the Vault LP for safer shipping.

In what order are Vault packages shipped?

Vault packages are sent in random order. They will not necessarily arrive all at the same time to the same place.

As a member, can I buy previous Vault packages?

No can do bucko. Once a Vault package has been issued, you either got it or you don't. It's the dreaded "snooze you lose" scenario.

Do You Guys Really Think This Will Work?

We honestly don't know. This could totally blow up in our faces. And if so, you could at least look at some cool videos and get some exclusive vinyl while we clean up the mess we've made. We'd like to have you along for the ride with us
Really. This will be fun. Trust us.

All general questions, package-related questions, address updates and account status requests can be directed here: vault@thirdmanrecords.com