• Light + Sound Machine Presents... Speaking Directly

    Attempting the summarize SPEAKING DIRECTLY, the first feature by the defiantly independent American auteur Jon Jost, is a bit of a feat. Like nearly all his subsequent films, it was produced on a pauper’s ransom, in this case a meager $2500 loan from Jost’s wealthy ex-lover. Yet, having been produced shortly after Jost’s release from prison for draft resistance, the culmination of two-plus years worth of ideas on cinema and society explode off the screen as though they were conceived in a pressure cooker. Its collage of kitsch Americana, socio-political essays, home movies, and interpersonal interviews opens itself to a myriad of interpretations. Self-described as a “State of the Nation address, from the perspective of someone other than the President”, it also serves as exploration into the complexities communication, an audit of one’s own existence, and can even be seen as a precursor to the sort of reporting by way of personal experience popularized today in outlets like NPR’s THIS AMERICAN LIFE. However you choose to read Jost’s impressive and complicated debut, one thing is for certain, as critic Jonathan Rosenbaum noted, you can think of no other film quite like it.

    Preceded by Owen Land's NEW IMPROVED INSTITUTIONAL QUALITY: IN THE ENVIRONMENT OF LIQUIDS AND NASALS, A PARASITIC VOWEL SOMETIMES DEVELOPS (1976, USA, 16mm, 10min), in which a routine psychological test becomes, well…anything but routine.

    This Light + Sound Machine Screening, co-hosted by Third Man Records and the Belcourt, will take place Thursday, September 19th at 7pm. Tickets are available for $10 online (or $8 via the Belcourt website for Belcourt members) and beginning at 6pm at will call the evening of the event.

  • Third Man Record Booth Servicing

    The Third Man Record Booth is currently being serviced and unfortunately will not be available for recordings in the shop for the next few weeks. We hope that you will save your auditory ditties and aural masterpieces for when the booth returns to peak performance, and we look forward to your next visit to the Novelties Lounge... Our apologies for any inconvenience!

  • Kelley Stoltz Video, Pre-Order & Tour Dates

    A whole mess of exciting Kelley Stoltz news coming at you today, and we are figuratively tripping over ourselves to rush all this information into your eyes, ears and brains as quickly as possible. Let's cut to the chase!
    First and foremost the San Franciscan garage pop alchemist is dropping the delicious and lysergic video for "Kim Chee Taco Man" on the masses. Directed by Ryan Browne, it explores deeply resonating themes such as the spiritual quest for enlightenment via hand eaten fusion cuisine. It's every bit as delicious as it is catchy. Dive in and taste the music, as they say...

    Secondly, we're excited to say that pre-orders for Kelley's new album Double Exposure (in stores Sept. 24th) are now available. Orders will be fulfilled and shipped to reach the customer by release date. It's easy, it's fun and hey... you're already watching the video, might as well grab the LP while you're at it.
    Last and certainly not least, Kelley will be doing a string of live dates around the release including a record release show in San Francisco w/ The Mantles and Sopwith Camel. That's going down on Sept. 28th at The Chapel and here's a few more dates for you with more to come!
    October 3rd - Grass Valley, CA - Grass Valley Arts Center w/ Make Make
    October 5th - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios w/ Old Light
    October 6th - Vancouver, BC - Electric Owl w/ Old Light
    October 7th - Seattle, WA - Chop Suey w/ Old Light

  • Mudhoney Live at TMR

    25 years and 9 studio albums since they dropped their dirty bomb of a first single on Seattle, clearing the landscape for grunge to grow like kudzu and threaten the extinction of all other forms of rock 'n' roll, Mudhoney is still Mudhoney, wit and riffs in tact. Their silver anniversary has the quartet back out on the road touring in support of their latest release Vanishing Point, and we couldn't be more thrilled for them to bring the real thing to our Blue Room September 26th to record a set direct-to-acetate in front of Nashvillians-who-know.

    Thursday, September 26th


    Doors 7pm, Show 8pm

    Tickets available NOW.


  • Chris Thile & Michael Daves: Record of the Week

    Mandolin virtuoso/Punch Bros. frontman Chris Thile and Brooklyn bluegrass maven/guitarist Michael Daves have made a name for themselves turning folk melodies into impassioned conversations that, in most cases, hollow, wooden boxes have no business having… On this Blue Series single "Man In The Middle," Thile and Daves shred up old time standards into exactly what they should be (or shouldn't, depending on who you ask…) We can't say this version will appeal to all the blue-hair's in the crowd out there at the hilltop bluegrass festival (though here's an alternative version for you fine folks), but if you like your pickin' with a side of Jack White on drums, Carl Broemel on pedal steel, Ruby Amanfu wailin' on background vocals and Cory Younts on the piano, we'd be willing to bet you a 1960 Martin D-18 that you won't regret adding this 7" to your collection. Purchase it here for our "Record of the Week" NICE PRICE.


  • Document Records Reissues Volume 3

    Pre-orders are available today for the third installment of our highly anticipated Document Records reissue series, featuring Volume 3 of the Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order of Charley Patton, Blind Willie McTell and The Mississippi Sheiks. These three records, officially available September 3rd and featuring artwork by Rob Jones, can be purchased together as a bundle here.