• The Dough Rollers Blue Series

    Our Blue Series of 7"s continues it's stampede over the music industry on July 9th with a staggering entry from Los Angeles' angels with dirty faces, The Dough Rollers. Featuring an expanded and electrified line-up, Malcolm Ford (vox, guitar) and Jack Byrne (guitar) are now joined by Josh Barocas and Kyle Olson on bass and drums, respectively. Their Third Man Blue Series is the inaugural voyage for the new line up, and what a debutante party it is...

    The invigorated power quatro blasted by Third Man a couple months back and dropped two perfectly formed slabs of American blues rock on us… "Little Lily" is an inner ear explosion with the energy and tension of a train rolling off the rails and the rails are Malcolm's pleading whiskey damaged vocals. Continuing with this brilliant outmoded forms of transportation as music metaphor, "The Sailing Song" rolls along with high seas majesty, The Dough Rollers as drunken shipmates and Jack Bryne's solo is a bottle of rum smashed on the rocks. The boat never sinks though, cause this shit isn't a boat after all but a fucking life raft. So get on board and let the Dough Rollers pillage your village!

    The A side premiered on Noisey today, Pre-sales are available now, and the release will officially be available in stores and on iTunes July 9th. Stay tuned to this Bat Channel for more news and information on The Dough Rollers, pictured below...

  • You can now sign up for the Vault using Paypal

    Good news, Vault Members & future Vault Members! You are now able to use Paypal to sign up for the NEW VAULT. Have at it! Please remember that the payment deadline for Package #17 (the contents of which will be revealed in the very near future) is July 31st. If you have any trouble signing up for your new account, please feel free to reach out to vault@thirdmanrecords.com.


  • Willie Nelson & Friends Photos

    If you missed it this past Sunday night, CMT has now posted the full Crossroads episode celebrating Willie Nelson's 80's Birthday, "Willie Nelson & Friends from Third Man Records." Watch it here.

    We've also posted a selection of photos in our Past Events photo gallery, as well as the full photoset on our new Vault, which is open for everyone to view for just a little while longer. See them while you can!

    • Willie Nelson
    • Willie Nelson
    • Willie Nelson

    click on thumbnails to view full photos or proceed to our Past Events page to see more!

  • Photos from Rory Scovel Live at TMR

    Photos from Rory Scovel's sold-out, absolutely hilarious show here at Third Man last weekend are now posted for your viewing pleasure on our Past Events page, and on the New Vault. Rory exceeded our comedic expectations and succeeded in making the Blue Room, well... not so blue. If you missed it, save your tears... the live recording will be released in the coming months.

    • Third Man Records lathe
    • Third Man Records llathe

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  • Live-to-Acetate at Third Man Records

    We are so pleased that the day has come that we can announce the June 25th release of three very special live records — The Shins, The Kills, and Seasick Steve — all recorded in the Third Man Blue Room last October, and our first three releases recorded live using our one-of-a-kind direct-to-acetate recording process. Without overdubs or editing, these three records were mixed in real time on a Rupert Neve 5008 console by Grammy Award winning engineer Vance Powell, and instantly cut to vinyl by master cutter George Ingram using a 1953 Scully Lathe that previously churned out masters for Cincinnati’s legendary King Records (the story goes that James Brown's It's A Man's World was cut on this lathe among many more great sides...) Third Man's BLUE ROOM is the ONLY LIVE VENUE IN THE WORLD where artists can record their performance direct-to-acetate, and after these first three releases, we have many more of their kind coming down the pipeline.

    Check out the Lathe room in all its groove-carving beauty in this behind-the-scenes video featuring Seasick Steve: 

    We believe that this new/old method of recording is as honest as it gets, bringing listeners as close to the experience of the performance as possible (of course, that is until our team of talented engineers and tinkerers manage to gather all the necessary parts to get our time machine and teletransporter back up and running.)

    The Shins, The Kills and Seasick Steve Live at Third Man 12” records will be available June 25th individually or as a bundle (North America-only) on our website and at Third Man Records in Nashville, TN, with online pre-orders starting now. Black & blue split-color records, available only to those who attended the corresponding show and pre-ordered at the time will be available for pick-up at our Nashville store beginning on release date.

    Pre-Order the Rocktober Direct-to-Acetate Bundle / Pre-Order The Shins / Pre-Order The Kills / Pre-Order Seasick Steve

  • Willie Nelson & Friends From Third Man Records

    This April we hosted a very special event here at Third Man Records. We were honored to have the one and only Willie Nelson and some of his talented and lovely friends come to our building and perform a very special concert here for his 80th birthday. The fruits of that show were captured by CMT for their Crossroads program, and that special, Willie Nelson & Friends From Third Man Records, will be airing on the CMT network this Sunday June 23rd at 9pm ET

    In a rare occasion for modern television, all of the audio from the show was captured on our own analog recording equipment and it will be this warmer analog tape sound that will be broadcast on Sunday. So join Third Man, Willie Nelson, Jack White, Neil Young, Leon Russell, Norah Jones, Jamey Johnson, Ashley Monroe, Sheryl Crow and more to celebrate Willie Nelson's 80th birthday here at TMR this Sunday evening.

    Until then, here's a clip of Neil Young and Willie Nelson performing "Long May You Run" from the that once in a lifetime evening: