• Peter Walker Playlist

    We can't wait for Peter Walker and his psychedelic guitar stylings to grace our Blue Room this Friday. For those unfamiliar with Walker's mind-bending and ear-soothing blend of styles, we've put together a playlist for you to sample some of his oeuvre as well as a handful of tracks from our friend, the great William Tyler, who will be opening the performance on Friday.

    We're also pleased to announce that Brothers of Wax (members of Weekend Babes and Paperhead) will be DJ'ing before the show.

    If you still haven't gotten your tickets, we still have a few left in the store and online. Buy 'em here!

  • Chooglin'!

    The Rolling Record Store is heading North at the end of July! We’ll be at Newport Folk Festival July 25th-27th and then we’re chooglin’ over to Detroit for Jack White’s sold-out show at the Masonic Temple Theatre on Wednesday, July 30th.  See you on the road!

  • "One of the Best Gigs I have Ever Seen"

    The reviews are in and Jack White absolutely dominated London last week with a bevy of 5-star reviews. Check out what the Guardian, the Telegraph, and the Financial Times have to say about Jack's performance at the Hammersmith Apollo, and if you haven't yet read about Jack's scary encounter with infectious disease, may we direct you here. Photos from the Hammersmith and the rest of Jack's European tour dates as well as information about upcoming performances are available at jackwhiteiii.com.

  • Vault Package #21

    Can you believe we’re at our 21st Vault package? It seems like only yesterday we were overwhelmed with mono Icky Thump LPs, folding t-shirts, driving the packages to the post office (before we’d figured out USPS would just pick ‘em up from us) and generally feeling like there was no way we’d ever get through mailing all of those. Memories.

    Subscription Deadline is July 31st. Sign up HERE.

    Keeping our promise made a few months back, the 7-inch for this go-round is another deadly two song pairing from the leather nightmares of THE DEAD WEATHER. THESE ARE TWO NEW ORIGINAL TRACKS… DEBUTING ON VINYL EXCLUSIVELY FOR VAULT MEMBERS! Pressed on pretty golden vinyl, the tracks “Buzzkill(er)” and “It’s Just Too Bad” are further examples that this band, in their downtime from Queens of the Stone Age, the Kills and JW solo, are more deadly than 99% of the rest of the also-rans out there. Don’t let the waterfowl on the single cover fool you…this single spits fire.

    The LP for Vault #21 is a release unrelated to new albums or anniversaries or anything of that sort… just something that feels right. The White Stripes Live Under The Lights of The Rising Sun showcases Jack and Meg in their first overseas trip in October 2000. While the band’s two Japanese shows were far from sold out, the power transmitted by the band is captivating. This double LP contains the entirety of the the White Stripes’ two Tokyo performances. With an on-mic shout-out to the evening’s headliners the’s, the Stripes would also cover that band’s classic song “I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield” in an improvised medley that also included Screaming Lord Sutch’s “Jack the Ripper.” Other highlights from the two nights include a rare cover of Iggy Pop’s “I’m Bored” as well as pre-White Blood Cells takes on “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground.” Complete with unseen photos taken during one of the performances and a sneaky die-cut, gatefold jacket, this live document leaves nothing to be desired to even the most die-hard fanatic.

    For our third item… a first in the Third Man world… a flag! A proper 3ft by 5ft, wave it high, show your colors, all aboard the SS TMR rock and roll flag. This thing will give the jolly roger a run for it’s money. And if that weren’t enough…there’s a contest involved. Once they’ve received their flags, Vault members are encouraged to submit photos of the flag in different, unique states of display. The “best” photo, as arbitrarily decided by a team of Third Man’s finest indentured servants, will receive test pressings of both the 7” and 12” discs from the Vault 21 package. You can’t beat that with a stick.

    If you're not already a Vault Platinum member, sign up here! The subscription deadline for Vault Package #21 is July 31st at Midnight GMT.

  • Peter Walker Live at Third Man Records

    Peter Walker is the last living psychedelic guitar maestro in a long line of greats like John Fahey, Robbie Basho and Sandy Bull. His prowess is almost indescribable. His comprehension of a vast number of musical styles…Spanish flamenco, Indian Raga, etc, will be on display in full-force for his appearance at Third Man. This may be the best guitar performance you will ever see.

    with William Tyler
    July 18th at Third Man Records
    Recording direct-to-tape for upcoming LP release
    Tickets $10



    Last night at midnight in Central London, Jack White played a secret show in the basement of a disused office block, to fans clad entirely in powder blue medical gowns.

    The event was a collaboration between Jack and the Punchdrunk Theatre Group who had temporarily transformed the space into the Vescovo & Co Clinic for contagious diseases, and had staffed this fake medical facility with dozens of their actors playing the roles of doctors, nurses and orderlies at the time of a disease outbreak.

    Drawing on the themes of Jack White's current album, 'Lazaretto', a term used to describe a quarantine island, the experience began with an elaborate online treasure hunt. A spoof medical infomercial from 1949 appeared in the archives of online medical resource The Wellcome Trust, which contained various obtuse clues that led Jack's superfans to a website belonging to the fake medical company, Vescovo & Company. Thousands of fans submitted their details to this website as part of an online screening for a contagious disease. A lucky few progressed through the screening process that lead to them receiving a telephone call from Punchdrunk actors inviting them to an out-of-hours appointment at the Vescovo Clinic. The clinic had been created for this one occasion by Punchdrunk Theatre across multiple floors of a disused building owned by The Vinyl Factory.

    On arrival, fans were asked to change in to blue medical gowns before being subjected to a variety of treatments testing in a maze of medical rooms staffed by Punchdrunk actors. Chaos descended as an outbreak alarm was raised and terrified fans were herded into a smoke filled quarantine chamber. Finally a screen was dropped to reveal Jack and band in full medical uniform who proceeded to belt out a thirty minute set before Jack himself succumbed to the mysterious disease. The rock star fell to the ground in a fit of convulsions before being strapped to a stretcher and wheeled off to a waiting ambulance.