• Vault Package #19

    Do you like the White Stripes? Do you like experiments? Do you like the Vault? Do you like combining all three? We do. For our 19th installment of the Vault, we're doing something we've never done before. Something that Vault members have been clamoring for…the exclusive, limited, colored vinyl edition of a record. As you probably know, TMR tries to release a limited version of every record we do. That limited edition is usually available only at certain locations or stores, while the black vinyl version is kept in print forever.

    This package will consist of limited colored vinyl pressings of all of the White Stripes singles from their album Elephant. These include…

    "Seven Nation Army"

    "I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself"

    "The Hardest Button to Button"

    "There's No Home For You Here"

    The b-sides consist of covers of some of Detroit's most pre-eminent artists in 2003…

    "Good to Me" written by Brendan Benson and Jason Falkner and originally released on Benson's 2002 album Lapalco.

    "Who's to Say…" written by Dan Miller and released by his outfit Blanche in 2003 on their album If We Can't Trust the Doctors…

    "St. Ides of March" written by the Soledad Brothers and released on their self-titled album of 2000.

    As well as a White Stripes live medley of "I Fought Piranhas / Let's Build a Home" recorded at the legendary Electric Lady Studios in New York.

    Each of these tracks has been remastered from the original analog sources, and in the case of "…March" and "Piranhas" where there were no analog masters, we used only the finest digital files that could withstand sitting unused on a hard drive for over ten years.

    The artwork on all the singles has been tidied up, spell-checked and given that special Third Man "je ne sais quoi"

    "There's No Home For You Here", which was originally coupled with a generic company sleeve, now has stunning new artwork. It looks electrifying!

    And these sleeves FEEL amazing. Employing a process called (we're not making this up) "soft touch aqueous coating" each of these glue-pocket sleeves feels like a hybrid between rubber and lambskin. It's difficult to describe, but immediately noticeable and amazing in person. Each record will be pressed on clear vinyl with with an added vinyl highlight color insertion of either red, black or white. For "There's No Home…" all three of those colors will be added to clear vinyl, to make something truly exciting. All of this will be housed in a custom-made telescoping box, so that these singles can forever live together with distinction in your record collection. Later in 2014 each of the singles will be available individually, on black vinyl, with no box, to the general public.


  • Light + Sound Machine Presents... The Devil's Cleavage

    January's Light + Sound Machine, co-presented with the Belcourt Theater features George Kuchar's HOLD ME WHILE I'M NAKED, followed by THE DEVIL'S CLEAVAGE. Both will be screened on 16mm film. Tickets are available now for $10 for the Janary 16th event.

    THE DEVIL'S CLEAVAGE d. George Kucher, USA 1973, black and white, 107 min.

    "George Kuchar's lovingly farcical re-creation of those (Forties and Fifties) melodramas, THE DEVIL'S CLEAVAGE, is a camp parody that sometimes directly steals from the genre, sometimes burlesques it, and often travesties it. As you might expect, it soon begins to mock all kinds of cinematic references, from Hitchcock to Preminger. But leave the exact details to pedants, laughter's the thing here . Kuchar manages terribly well in terms of imagination and inventiveness, and just plain terribly in terms of such humdrum details of filming as using a light meter and tape recorder. Technical ineptness aside, we end up with a marvelous hybrid, as if Sam Fuller and Sternberg had collaborated in shooting a script by Tennessee Williams and Russ Meyer. Which is to say that excess is the most basic element of Kuchar's method, even when (almost paradoxically) it's an excess of cliche ('Such language! Bite your tongue!' 'Bite it for me!) Douglas Sirk tells us, 'Cinema is blood, tears, violence, hate, death, and love.' Kuchar reminds us that cinema, like life, is also bedpans, earwax, sleazy fantasy, ineptness, compromise, and laughter." -- Chuck Kleinhans, Film Center program

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    The Nashville store will be closed this Sunday, January 5th for inventory. Please plan accordingly.

  • Charlie Rose

    Jack White and Dean Blackwood recently sat down with Charlie Rose to discuss Paramount Records and the Third Man/Revenant release of The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records 1917-1932, Volume 1.  Catch the interview this Thursday, December 26th, at 11pm ET on PBS.

  • Rory Scovel Live at Third Man Records

    A few months back we hosted one of our favorite comedians in the Third Man Blue Room, hand selected by Jack White to appear. Rory Scovel came, saw and destroyed any and all bad vibes within a 5 mile radius with an improv set of some of the best live stand up we've seen in years. Seriously, the man far exceeded even our lofty expectations for hilarity. Since then Rory has had a bumper few months, appearing on Conan O' Brien in a tuxedo performing uber-classy comedy with live LIberace-style piano accompaniment, co-starring on new TBS comedy Ground Floor and generally ruling the school and jettisoning jocularity into the universe in every town and festival he visits on tour.

    Well if you missed his now legendary Third Man live show, fear not and save your tears, it is now available on LP and available in finer record retailers everywhere (just in time for the Stand Up fan in your life for Christmas).

    Oh, and one last thing for our UNUSUAL FORMAT collectors and fans… The sleeves and labels feature the track list all in braille. That's right. Braille. Trust us, it'll all make sense when you hear the album. It's another meta-comedy first from Third Man Records and Rory Scovel!


    We are also offering a Live Comedy Bundle, featuring Rory's Scovel's above mentioned 12" as well as the Live stand-up LP's from Neil Hamburger and Reggie Watts.

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    Our Nashville store will be closed for one hour beginning at noon this Friday, December 20th. Please schedule your visit accordingly.