Have You Seen Our Cat?

We assume that you're all caught up on the Colbert / TMR love affair... but if not, head straight back to our homepage and give yourself a briefing.
Long story short, after some hilarious shenanigans Jack has produced a single for Stephen Colbert. Stephen NEEDS a number one single.  Needs it bad people and you all can help.

First you can help by buying a single either from our webstore or on iTunes.

AND / OR you can help by downloading our missing cat flyer and hanging it somewhere visible in your town. If You're not familiar with the cat poster, you can watch the original episode from the Colbert Report.

You can download the flyer here, print it and hang it and PRESTO. And hey, if you want to take a picture of yourself hanging the flyer, send it to us and we'll add it to HaveYouSeenOurCatPoster.tumblr.com, our Tumblr site dedicated to your pictures. Just send the pics on over to: inquiries@thirdmanrecords.com

We'll be launching the site today. SO. Do your part, have some fun, listen to some tunes, take some pictures, and email them! It's all part of this crazy thing we call life.