The Black Belles at Soundland, Tri-Colors and More

As previously reported on Saturday the 24th The Black Belles will perform at Next Big Nashville’s Soundland festival at their Neuhoff Factory Party Stage at 6pm.

Click To find the Neuhoff Factory on Google Maps.

If that wasn’t wig flipping news enough, we’ll also have the Rolling Record Store there selling our usual chooglrific merchandise as well as the lmtd. Edition Tri Color editions of the new Belles single ‘Honky Tonk Horror’ that’s being released next week. So, not only is this your chance to get one of these highly collectible delectables, but also your first chance to hear/buy the single PERIOD. We spoil you.

Rolling Record Store

Also appearing at the Soundland Neuhoff Factory Party Stage will be some friends of ours that rock with the rolling rock that don’t stop. The show starts at 2pm (and this is when the RRS will open as well) and here’s some of the bands that are playing. Check the Soundland website for the full schedule.


Speaking of awesome live stuff. The Ted Leo Live At Third Man record we recorded a while back is now out and available in our store. Which also means that the split color Black & Blues that attendees pre-ordered at the show are now ready for collection. Just bring your receipt down to our record shop and let the nice gals behind the counter know you’re there for your beautiful piece of wax. Bango. All set.

Lastly, the standard version of Karen Elson’s ‘Vicious’ single is now available in our webstore, iTunes, and in finer record shops. With beautiful cover art by David Swanson, even if you purchased the Rose Petal version on record store day, this little beauty is a must have.