Kelley Stoltz - Double Exposure - TMR 219

    While many rocking bands in San Francisco and beyond claim to be 'garage' bands' - Kelley Stoltz has actually recorded his new LP "Double Exposure" in the garage behind his house.  And while the car oil stained floors are covered by oriental rugs and there are no snow shovels laying around - there is a collection of vintage synths, 17 guitars, tape echos, mellotrons, a 50's jukebox, a Teardrop Explodes poster, a tape machine used by The Residents, an amp used by Stooge James Williamson, and a myriad other noise making devices which rear their heads on his new record.  All told the place is called Electric Duck Studio and it's become a muse capturing zone for Stoltz, as well as Sonny & the Sunsets, The Mantles, Tim Cohen, Life Stinks, The Sandwitches and many other tuneweavers big and small.

    "Double Exposure" is Kelley's first album in a while - near on 3 years since his last one, "To Dreamers" came out on Sub Pop. What the heck has he been doing since, you ask?  Well renovating the garage for one, and using said garage studio to engineer, produce or encourage the above named bands… You see time flies when you're having fun.  Add in some love, a little heartbreak, turning 40, deciding to jog everyday, staring at the wall, singing hundreds of songs into the phone, sleeping, recording an album of cover songs with his family, making a couple 45 singles, catching white wine buzzes, getting dropped by Sub Pop, playing keyboards on tour with Rodriguez, and signing on with old supporters at Third Man Records… really it's as good old Sandy Denny sang, who knows where the time goes.

    Anyway, if you stir up all that stuff and a few other things we won't mention here, you have the makings of a fantastic and heartfelt record, "Double Exposure" has 10 new jams that Thee Oh Sees main man, John Dwyer, describes thusly, "A piece of gold in your ear, A lovely thought in your mind, A breeze in the sun, This record is perfect…"

    Nicely put there Johnny! And you too will thrill to the sound of delay pedals twisting the keys on "Inside My Head", crane your neck to the backwards guitars of "Are You My Love", ramble and gamble to the clanging cymbals on the title track, question the sanity of a song called "Kim Chee Taco Man", and finally, fall down and weep at the sweet fluted sentiments of "It's Summertime Again".  

    For all of you Aussie rules fans, the album was mixed and mastered by Mikey Young of Eddy Current Suppression Ring/Total Control and features Stoltz playing most of the instruments himself and overdubbing parts through his trusty 8 track tape machine.  

    "Double Exposure" will be released on LP/Download by Third Man Records on 9/24/13 in the US and 10/7/13 in UK / Europe.

  • Jerry King: Nice Price Record of the Week

    This week's Nice Price Record of the Week hails from our non-musical Green Series, which generally features spoken word, poetry readings, or instructional discussions paired with an interview with Jack White.  Jerry's King's Green Series presents one such interview with Jack, where the pair discuss history, cadence, rhythm, and speed of auctioneering. On the double-grooved B side, Jerry King walks the listener through two hypothetical auctions. Depending on where the needle is dropped, listeners are transported to either an automobile auction or a tobacco and chocolate auction. The Green Series also includes contributions from Tempest Storm, Edgar Oliver, Amy Walker, Conan O'Brien and BP Fallon… all of whom could teach us a thing or two.

  • National Recording Preservation Foundation

    The National Recording Preservation Foundation is the independent, nonprofit charitable corporation established by the U.S. Congress for the purpose of supporting archives, libraries, cultural institutions and others committed to preserving America's radio, music and recorded sound heritage. Where appropriate, it will also assist privately-held collections and commercial archives that may have been damaged through the ravages of time or random acts of nature when those holding them cannot do so with their own resources. And, finally, it will help to further database and digitize our vast and often hidden treasures – delivering them to the nation at large.

    Third Man recognizes the important work the foundation is undertaking and we would like to invite those who are so inclined to donate here:

  • Tesla at TMR Headquarters

    We are so pleased to have Tesla Motors and all their supercharged glory here at TMR today giving test drives of their Model S cars. Come have a look, and please note that drives are by appointment only.

  • Lollashop

    Hey Chicago!

    As you are most likely very aware, Lollapalooza is happening next weekend in your fair city. And that also means for the second year, Lollashop will be up and running at 332 S Michigan Ave (at Van Buren) selling festival gear, holding contests, serving coffee and what not. And we'll be there too! We've set up a mini shop within Lollashop featuring records, turntables, record cases and all sorts of of color coordinated Third Man novelties and ephemera.

    Come down and have a look! The Lollashop will be open starting today July 26th - August 5th.

    Monday - Saturday 10am - 8pm
    Sunday 12pm - 7pm
    Lollapalooza Weekend (Aug 2nd -4th) 9am - 11pm

  • Smoke Fairies - Record of the Week

    This week's Nice Price Record of the Week comes to us via London's finger-picking, slide-playing purveyors of dreamy, harmony-laden folk/pop, Smoke Fairies

    This early entry into the Third Man catalog features a host of TMR stalwarts backing up Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davis. Not only does Jack White produce and play drums, timpani and guitar, but Jack Lawrence (Raconteurs, Dead Weather, Greenhornes) is on bass, Corey Younts (Buzzards, Old Crow Medicine Show) plays piano and clarinet, and Shelby O'Neal (Black Belles) adds additional drum work. 

    All in all, a terrific all star entry into our Blue Series. And, available this week at a real NICE PRICE.