• Light + Sound Machine Presents... Perfumed Nightmare

    This month's Light + Sound Machine screening features Kidlat Tahimik's PERFUMED NIGHTMARE. The screening will take place Thursday, June 20th at 7pm at Third Man Records. Tickets are available for $10 at thirdmanstore.com or for Belcourt members at a discount for $8 via the Belcourt website. All member and non-member tickets will be available via will call, day-of-film, at Third Man beginning at 6pm.

    PERFUMED NIGHTMARE, d. Kidlat Tahimik - Philippines, 1977, 93min, 16mm

    Perhaps cinema’s most humorous and poignant essay on the cultural chasm between the First and Third Worlds, PERFUMED NIGHTMARE is the quasi-autobiographical account of an acute case of cultural dementia. Kidlat Tahimik, the Philipino-born, American-educated, German-based filmmaker and global citizen casts himself as Kidlat Tahimik, the primitive naif with an awe-struck enchantment with the wonders of the developed world. The semi fictional Tahimik is a taxi (or “jeepney”) driver by day who clutches his transistor radio by night, religiously tuned-in to Voice of America and forever dreaming of the heavens - he’s the president of a fan club for Werner von Braun, the defected Nazi rocket scientist who pioneered the American space program. His filmic diary is a collage of village anecdotes and imagery, presented with varying degrees of ethnographic exoticism and short wave radio chatter. However, his document is interrupted by the appearance of a comically sinister American businessman, offering Tahimik a new life in France, refilling his company’s gumball machines which conspicuously adorn the Parisian city streets. It is here that Perfumed Nightmare evokes a turn towards magical realism, and the illusion-shattering truths of the technology age transform Tahimik into something new - a once “sleeping typhoon”, now awakened and poised to literally blow away the symbols of Western domination, and himself back to his homeland.

  • Third Man Record Booth Now Open

    We are as pleased and proud as parents can be to announce that The Third Man Record Booth is now fully functioning and has taken up permanent residence in the Third Man Novelties Lounge.

    Come down and see us anytime doing normal shop hours to record your very own 111 seconds of vinyl magic and walk away with a unique one-of-a-kind audio memento. Sing, speak, play, accompany yourself on an ipod... all is game. And when you leave you'll have your own 6" aluminum substrate lacquer to play for your family and friends. Trust us, it's as fun as it sounds.

    These ancient machines are cantankerous creatures, but it's our goal to keep it in tip top shape along with all of our other gadgets in the shop. See you in the booth!

  • Jack Johnson Important Update

    Due to Jack Johnson's recent addition to the Bonnaroo line-up Saturday night, we have adjusted our schedule slightly for his sold-out, family-friendly performance in the Blue Room tomorrow. Complimentary breakfast burritos, doughnuts and coffee (and juice for the kiddos!) will be served from the Third Man patio beginning at 10am. Doors to the blue will now open at 11am, with the performance beginning at 11:30am.

    We hope this change in scheduling doesn't cause an inconvenience to current ticket-holders and their families.

  • Divine Fits Live at Third Man

    Continuing our pattern of making sure Nashvillians of good taste don't get a moment of rest, we are pleased to announce another addition to this month's calendar. Divine Fits is comprised of Britt Daniel (frontman of Spoon) and bandmates Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade), Sam Brown (from Ohio punk legends Gaunt ) and Alex Fischel. Join us Monday night in the Blue Room, doors at 7, show at 8, for the live taping of their performance. We've been trying to get these guys here it seems like from day one of their inception and we're really excited to host them here for this live recording / performance. JOIN US.

  • Live Breakfast with Jack Johnson

    We are hungry to test a new method of recording our live shows… direct-to-acetate-meets-breakfast! None other than the pride of Hawaii, surfer/filmmaker/musician Jack Johnson, will be joining us for a very special, family-friendly live show this Saturday morning at 11:30 am. Jack and his beachy tunes have been bringing a piece of the big, blue sea to both grown-ups and not-quites for over a decade, and we have no doubt he will feel right at home doing just that in our big, blue room.

    Ticketing will be handled slightly differently for this show. Each purchase includes 1) a PAIR (2) tickets to the performance/taping & 2) a PRE-ORDER of the BLACK & BLUE Split-color vinyl record, which will be recorded direct-to-acetate that morning. Tickets are now available online or in our Nashville storefront.

  • Rolling Record Store open Next Week in Nashville

    The Rolling Record Store will be open at TMR headquarters in Nashville next week (10-5 Monday-Saturday, 1-4 Sunday) beginning Monday, June 10th, and lasting through Sunday, the 16th. Stop by on your way to camping out in Manchester for Bonnaroo to get your paws on limited quantities of past White Stripes tour shirts as well as Record Store Day split-color Elephant exclusives along with all the usual Rolling Record Store ephemera and good time goodies.