School Choirs and Bands

    Recent Releases

  • TMR220
    Winton Woods Middle School Band
    SideA: 'Train Heading West & Other Outdoor Scenes'
    SideB: 'This Little Light of Mine'
  • TMR214
    North Polk High School Band
    SideA: 'Nessun Dorma'
    SideB: 'Entrance of the Gladiators, North Polk High School Song'
  • TMR213
    North Polk High School Choir
    SideA: 'Wade in the Water'
    SideB: 'The River'
  • TMR208
    Kings High School 2 Knight 2 Knight
    SideA: 'Somebody That I Used To Know'
    SideB: 'Bright Morning Stars / Anyway'
  • TMR196
    Glencliff High School Guitar Ensemble
    SideA: 'Boulevard of Broken Hearts'
    SideB: 'Deck The Halls '

Third Man Records has partnered with Brightspark Travel and Music America to create “School Choirs & Bands at Third Man: A Vinyl Recording Experience," a one of a kind program offering students behind-the-scenes access to Jack White’s Third Man Records in Nashville, TN, as well as the chance to record their own 7” 45rpm vinyl records.

“With funding for music education being cut every day, Third Man feels a duty to do its part. What better way to do so than to record the kids themselves and put ‘em on vinyl?” Commented Third Man Head of Production Ben Blackwell, who will participate in a Q&A session with students as part of the program.

Following the tour and Q&A, students will professionally record their music in the same Third Man Studio where the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis, Conan O’Brien, Jack White's various bands and so many others have recorded. Students will receive 7” singles of the performances pressed in their school colors, a commemorative plaque for display at each school, and the option to upgrade their package to include a commemorative folder complete with a diploma signed by White and Blackwell.

TMR School Choirs and Bands