Third Man Records prides itself on creating an environment where just about anything and everything can be done in-house. Its musicians make music, its sound engineers record, its graphic designers design, its web developers code, its office staff plans, its shipping department ships, its marketers market. We are a family that works hand in hand to ensure that every idea is brought to life, every record is spun, and every package that bears our logo is a product of Third Man blood, sweat, and tears.



Full-stack Web Developer - Nashville, TN

Accepting applications for a well-rounded, resourceful, full-stack developer, with general networking knowledge, and basic IT/Mac administration skills. Ideal candidates are self-motivated and autonomous with excellent communication and organizational skills, a passion for music and art, and demonstrable attention (obsession!) to detail. BS in computer science or related field preferred.


    • Develop and maintain Third Man Records and adjacent websites and eCommerce sites, expanding and scaling as needed

    • Maintain PCI compliance for points of sale for retail locations

    • Build and maintain simple, modern apps for storefronts and iOS

    • Manage relationships and steer the course with third-party development partners

    • Safeguard company servers, employee computers, etc

    • Liaise between Third Man and IT company for repairs, upgrades, etc

    • Create and maintain documentation

    • Cooperate with designers to match visual design intent

    Experience with the following preferred:

    • Laravel/PHP

    • Go

    • JavaScript/Vue

    • CSS

    • Git

    • DNS

    • Linux/AWS

    • SQL

    • Swift/native iOS development

    • Shopify application experience

    • General networking, IT support, and Mac administration


Check back!


If you wish to submit a resumé for us to have on file at either Third Man Records location, please include a cover letter and send to Let us know in the subject line at which office and in which department you are seeking a position.

Please note that we cannot guarantee we will be able to return all messages.