Photo Studio



Third Man Photo Studio specializes in high-quality photographic film development and analog print processing.


Our photo chemists hand process C-41 (Color Negative), Black & White, and E-6 (Color Positive/Slide) films.


We use traditional photographic enlargement techniques to create one-of-a-kind archival quality prints from your film negatives. This is a hands-on, all analog process, which yields the highest quality photographic prints possible: completely free of pixels and ink.


We’ve worked hard to combine modern and traditional practices for the digital photography enthusiast. Our photo chemists are able to convert any digital image into a physical negative. These ‘Digital Negatives’ are compatible with any Black & White or Color enlarger, and can be used to make infinite fine art replicas of your digital image.


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Pricing for 110/120/220/35mm




C-41 (Color) Process - $7

Black & White Process - $10

E-6 (Slide Film) Process - $13

Cross Process - $10

Push Process - $3



Contact Sheet (Analog) - $13

Scan My Film (Digital) - $10


Photographic Enlargements

Black & White - $33+

RA-4 (Color) - $33+

Digital Negative - $50+


Film Processing Classes 

Black & White - $100

C41 (Color) - $125

E-6 (Slide Film) - $150

Cross Process - $150